IPSEN PHARMA Spain - R&D Centre

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Location: Parc de la Meditarrania-UPC Castelldefels, Barcelona
Year: 2008
Built area: 7.500 m²
Cost estimate: 13.800.000€
Co- authors: Master s.a de Ingeniería y Arquitectura 
The project for a new R&D center boasts of an animal house, located in the semi-basement, and labs and offices on the upper floors.  
The functional plan of the building consists of a semi basement, a ground floor and two floors for labs. In the building’s central zone there are two service and circulation areas which meet the utilization demand from IPSEN staff and external users.
In order meet the specific requirements for the labs, two courtyards housing the utilities, have been placed in the centre zone, next to the central areas and along the corridors, optimising the functional use of the building.