Yacutinga Eco Resort

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Location: 25º 33' 55'' S, 54º 04' 34''O, Andresito, Misiones , Argentina.
Year: 2011
Area: 570 hectáreas
Co-authors: Carlos Sandoval.

The lush of the Rainforest and its different ecological niches. From the powerful Iguazu River and the charming San Francisco Stream up to Palm and Gallery Forest . The biodiversity of the swamp & ponds and giant Bamboos reaching the canopy have inspired us to create this new concept.
Starting from these unique conditions and taking advantage of both the environment and the infrastructure created by Yacutinga Lodge, the Master Plan is going further, designing  a new concept in residential land development
The possibility to live in a jungle area with plenty of comfort without attempting against the environment. This is the challenge of the Ecobijo Sustainable Project.
-50 unique plots of  1 has ( 2,5acre)  surrounded by nature.
-Extension of existing vehicular roads and pedestrian lanes to create an eco-circuit for non-contaminated transportation. The LODGE as main existing reference point and logistic core.
-“ Miradores “are incorporated in-between paths and lanes to allow relaxing moments while contemplating the impressive environment.
-Special designed areas for private uses and others for public activities are inviting to enjoy unique experiences at the jungle, always in a secure and controlled property.
-A whole eco friendly project : green roofing to collect sanitary water (HQ drinking water is available all over the property) , waste recycling for compost, geothermal energy for cooling, use of low impact building materials and systems are  being considered. Green energy management, 3 hydro-electric stations and solar fields to supply the Ecobijo Sustainable Project with the most modern concepts of alternative energies .