CRAG-Center for Research in Agricultural Genomics

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Location: Parc de recerca UAB-Universitat Autónoma de Bellaterra, Barcelona
Built Area: 9.020 m²
Budget: 12.800.000€
Co-authors: Master s.a de Ingeniería y Arquitectura
Collaborators: Olga Barrier, Architect
Headquarters of CRAG-Laboratories for research, scientific services, research offices, an auditorium for 180 people, management and administrative areas. Greenhouse 600m ² to the deck.
The project covers a rectangular volume of approximately 22.5mx 55m, ground floor and three floors. Plants 2, 3 and roof are placed, hanging over a central walking area that divides the areas of occupation, forming a big niche  of 16.5m wide and two stories high, performing a portico that frames the pedestrian area , where the main pedestrian entrance is located. The building itself is designed on the basis of three bays, one placed in each of the longitudinal facades, the North side houses  laboratories,  the South side by offices and a central bay by the cores and the general and scientific services.
The roof is designed as another façade; here we can find a large greenhouse, which is of major importance to the center, and technical facilities.