CELLERIX - Stem cells R&D Centre

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Location: Parque tecnológico de Tres Cantos, Madrid.
Year: 2008
Built area: 4.208m²
Cost estimate: 4.050.000€
Co-authors: Master s.a de Ingeniería y Arquitectura.
Project for a new R&D centre for CELLERIX (part of the Genetrix Group), which is dedicated to therapies based on stem cells.
The development of the new centre is based on a functional plan which consists of a basement, used for car park and central facilities, a ground floor which houses production labs (clean rooms), a quality control unit and a logistics department. On the first floor are the control labs and corporate offices. All of which are located around a central courtyard including public circulation and accesses.
The first floor has been designed with a future expansion in mind, up to a permitted potential building capacity of the plot.