IJC Josep Carreras Leukaemia Research Institute

Location: Research campus of Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital  (Can Ruti) Badalona, Barcelona
Year: 2017
Built area: 10.508 sqm
Budget: 10.769.382 €
Collaborators: Olga Barrier, Architect ; Marta Puig , Architect; Angel Obiol, Structural Design;  Francesc Xairó i Associats , Technical architects;  JG Ingenieros, Installations.

New Building designed for R+D+i, headquarters of the Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute.

The plot has an area of 4.550m2

The building is organized around a wide courtyard - central atrium, covered on the upper floor, which organizes and connects all activities, brings natural light to all premises and works as a natural climate regulator. The construction consists on a semi-basement, of 3,645.27 m2 of area, which occupies most of the plot, for 100 parking lots, warehouses and technical facilities; a ground floor intended for general uses with the covered central courtyard, and three storeys for research laboratories, offices of researchers, technical rooms and meeting spaces.

The rest of the technical facilities are located on the rooftop. All the exterior area over the basement was finished with a green roof.

The façades have different composition depending on the internal activities. The technical areas are closed with a grey perforated glassfiber reinforced concrete panels (GRC), to allow a good air flow to AHUs, Laboratories wings are closed with opaque clear GRC panels and large horizontal windows. Meeting and administrative areas are treated with a glazed curtain-wall with an external double skin made of stainless-steel mesh with reduces the solar load 50%. The building was connected to a neighbor research building (IMPPC) to allow researchers to rapidly transit in between them.