Generali Edificio Vitalicio

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Location: Avinguda de la Gran Via 71, Hospitalet del Llobregat ,Barcelona
Year: 1996
Built area: 13.600 m2 
Budget: 11.200.000€
Co-authors: Enric HenryMaster s.a de Ingeniería y Arquitectura
Building intended for Data Processing Center, Training, Office and Services for the insurance company Vitalicio (Generali Group).
The DPC is located in basement, fully protected by bunker conditions . On the same floor, with access by a rear courtyard there are the printing and finishing areas.
On ground floor there is the common areas program : Reception, training, auditorium, office, etc..
On upper floors, flexible open offices, meeting rooms and directors boxes.
The program is organized through a central core of communications and services and an open floor plan in perimeter. The facades were finished with high performance glazing with selective coating and low emissivity layer.
The remaining plot above semi-basement is finished with a green roof.