Aena Dalí VIP Lounge - Barcelona Airport

Links: Aena  Sala Dalí
Location: Aeroport de Barcelona. Terminal 1 - Modul 5
Year: 2005
Built area: 450 m²
Budget: 510.000€
Co-authors: Master s.a de Ingeniería y Arquitectura
The area where the VIP lounge is set is determined by the overall project of expanding the airport of Barcelona. Based on a rectangular geometry, and with access from the Rambla, in the International area, consists of the following areas: general relax area, independent area for specific activities ( computers- phone...) , self- service and toilets.
The design of this lounge highlighted by the natural light that filters through generous windows from the outside and indirect lighting with low lamps to ensuring adequate lighting levels while providing warmth to the atmosphere. The room has movable screens curved glass with natural motifs on the inside, which, combined with elements of maple, wenge and gray-green quartzite on the pavement, differentiate the spaces generating a sense of comfort and lightness.
The curved wooden roof - tribute to Aalto- unify and gives identity to the space